City Bridge Trust

The Trust continues to make progress on the implementation of its Bridging Divides Funding Strategy for 2018/23. On 8 January, the Policy and Resources Committee agreed to support a set of principles which will underpin the new strategy and also approved a £1m provision to support a strategic review of the Bridge House Estates, and an uplift to the Trust’s 2018/19 budget to support the implementation of Bridging Divides.

At its meeting on the 31 January, the City Bridge Trust Committee will consider a set of programmes which, if agreed, will be launched and open for applications from 1 April. On 15 January the Trust hosted a seminar at the Mansion House on the themes of supporting greater collaboration and developing leadership for a number of London’s key youth providers and support organisations. Introductory speeches by Alderman Peter Estlin and City Bridge Trust Chairman Alderman Alison Gowman set the scene for a range of short presentations on what groups were already doing and what could be done in the future. Delegates were encouraged to end the seminar with a range of tangible action points which will be shared amongst all the attendees. The Trust will also share some recommendations for positive action with other funders and will make adaptations to its own processes which may help support skills development and networking within the sector.