City of London Freemen’s School

Celebrating Imaginative Learning Freemen’s set up the Free Minds programme to support their students to learn for learning’s sake. With the move away from AS qualifications and a return to linear A levels, the Freemen’s Leadership Team wanted to create a programme of study that would inspire their students to learn for the sake of learning and engage their whole minds in a wide range of subjects. Additionally, they wanted to take advantage of the hitherto untapped academic strengths of their teaching staff who between them hold over 100 different degrees. Free Minds is structured around the small seminar/tutorial format which leads to a different engagement with both teacher and content. The point is to prepare students for the environment and grading system that many of them will experience at University. Courses are deliberately varied too, ranging from Dickens’ Women to more current topics such as The EU and the Referendum. It is early days for Free Minds; the programme will grow and develop as time goes on. Just short of 80% of Freemen’s year 12 students took up over 25 courses and the feedback has been promising. Most interesting of all will be to watch what impact this programme has on the university applications for the first year of Free Minds graduates. Read the full article featured in Conference and Common Room here.