City of London Freemen’s School New Freemen’s Foundation Launch

Since its foundation, Freemen’s has always welcomed pupils from all backgrounds. We know an education here can provide a transformative experience to our students’ lives. However, we do not believe that these opportunities should only be open to those who can afford the fees; we feel that we have a social responsibility to do more. Headmaster, Roland Martin shared, “I am mindful that with the privilege of our education we should not be exclusive. When I joined the school, our bursary provision was only being directed to one per cent of students. My aim has always been to increase that number and make a Freemen’s education available to any promising child, no matter what their family’s income or assets.” Through the new Freemen’s Foundation, we are committed to offering the educational opportunities to children whose family circumstances would make this opportunity unfeasible. The School Governors have set ambitious targets: by 2020, we should like to be able to provide at least five per cent of Freemen’s students, approximately 50 children, with a significant bursary, and there is commitment to grow this even more in the future. Further information on the new Freemen’s Foundation can be found here.