City of London Police

A busy month for the City Police with significant activity from the Economic crime directorate, the most notable of which was the sentencing of a man from Dorset for selling fake air-bags. Robert Czernik sold £30,000 worth of fake air-bags at £175 each and was given a suspended sentence and ordered to do 135 hours of unpaid work. This followed the sentencing of a gang of 13 for a complex car insurance fraud involving misuse of credit cards, and a boiler-room gang who received sentences of between two years and 18 months for investment fraud. From local policing, a drug dealer was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for possession of a range of drugs and a stun-gun. The drugs and weapon were discovered during a City police raid on the suspect’s home in December 2018. A high-profile campaign alerting young drivers to the risk associated with buying fake care insurance, known as ‘ghost broking’, was launched by the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department, generating print, broadcast and extensive social media coverage. Alongside this, the force celebrated four years of Project Servator, the counter-terrorism technique that sees officers deploy a range of tactics to deter terrorists and other criminality.