City of London Police

The Commissioner appeared before the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee to give evidence in their enquiry into online fraud on 18 October. A man who assaulted a City Police officer by throwing acid at him was jailed for seven years, while a waitress who worked at Dion bar at St Paul’s churchyard was jailed after being found guilty of selling cocaine. National Hate Crime Awareness week was marked with an appeal for witnesses after England’s oldest synagogue was targeted with Nazi graffiti. In the economic crime sphere, the insurance fraud enforcement department finalised three significant cases, with custodial sentences handed down to a man who attempted to make a fraudulent £80,000 medical claim and the ring leader of a ‘cash for crash’ attempt in Wales. A woman who was filmed for reality TV performing a bungee jump while claiming to be incapacitated with a back injury was also sentenced. A member of RBS staff was sentenced to 26 months in prison after using his position to defraud the company of close to £400,000.