Epping Forest



Unveiled in September, the Heritage Lottery funded ‘Gateways’ signage aims to promote a sense of arrival in the Forest and encourage safer driving. It features designs by Walter E. Spradbery whose family attended the ceremony along with Epping Forest and Commons Committee Chairman. The design is part of the iconic ‘Beyond the City’ campaign which promoted travel to outer London destinations in the pre-war period.
The inaugural Epping Forest Walking Festival on 20-26 October was a great success with events run by staff in partnership with local organisations. The Big Draw event took place at Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge on 13 October and a Black History Month event on 25 October was how to ‘Discover and draw Tudors’. The October half-term pumpkin carving half-term event was as popular as ever. A new art exhibition by local artist, Linda Bondy, will run from 5 November to 4 December. Bushcraft events are taking place in Epping Forest throughout the autumn, including venison butchery and cookery, and tracking and fieldcraft.