Gresham College

imgresTo mark the anniversary of the Russian Revolution, the eminent professor Dominic Lieven will be giving a lecture at Gresham college discussing the dilemmas of modern empire and monarchy, firstly in general terms and then specifically in terms of Russia. What were the key challenges facing Nicholas II and why was he unable to meet them, both in the domestic and international contexts. The lecture will explain how the effects of Russia’s involvement in the First World War undermined all support for the monarchy and led to its sudden collapse in February 1917, and then allowed the Bolsheviks to overthrow the Provisional Government so easily eight months later. Dominic Lieven is a Research Professor at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of the British Academy and of Trinity College, Cambridge. The lecture will take place on 7 March, 6-7pm, at the Museum of London. You can find out more on the Gresham College website.