Social Mobility Index

The Social Mobility Index is an initiative which ranks employers on the actions they take to present people with the opportunity to get in, and get on, in the workplace. It is targeted at sectors which, traditionally, have low rates of social mobility – such as law, accountancy, media, banking and finance and the sciences. The index was sponsored by the City Corporation and developed by the Social Mobility Commission in partnership with the Social Mobility Foundation. Businesses were able to apply to participate in the Index anonymously and could choose whether to have their scores published. 98 businesses applied and the top 50 performers appeared recently in the Times. It was noted that whilst the City Corporation had applied, it chose to do so anonymously for the first year. The aim would be to disclose its results when the exercise is run again next year. Notwithstanding this, the City Corporation’s results for this year together with any details of improvements and how those improvements would be addressed, would be the subject of a report to a future meeting of the Committee.